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First Day

First Day in Prison

By C. D. GuzmanPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Today I arrived at my new home, my cell. A place where shadows of fear and despair dwell. My heart races, a storm I cannot show. Scared to my core, yet outwardly stoic, slow.

In jail, I was with brothers, a twisted kin. Part of the organization, entrenched within. Dad and I, part of a legacy dark and cold. Bound by secrets, lies that never grow old.

Should I have given them the truth they sought? Should I have revealed the darkness we wrought? Dad and uncles, a web of deceit so deep, a family tradition, promises we keep.

But Dad, the one who called and turned me in. Betrayed by blood, my own, my kin. He summoned the law, and here I stand, In a cell, in this cold, forsaken land.

The justice system, blind and unkind. Caught me in its web, left me confined. Trust shattered, like glass on the floor. A young man was broken, heart aching and sore.

Should I have spoken, told them it all? Watched as the empire of lies would fall? Yet loyalty, twisted, held my tongue, a father's betrayal, a song unsung.

Here I sit, in this place of stone, feeling abandoned, utterly alone. A young man, betrayed by the blood in his veins. By the justice system that binds him in chains.

Dad, was it worth it, this path of deceit? To send your own son to face this defeat? My heart is heavy, my spirit torn, In this cell, where betrayal is born.

I question the choices that led me here, haunted by whispers, by doubt, by fear. Should I have spoken, unveiled the lie? Or remained silent, watched innocence die?

In this prison, my heart's racing beat echoes the pain of a young man's defeat. Betrayed by a father, by justice’s cold hand, lost in the shadows of a broken land.

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About the Creator

C. D. Guzman

After a long 18 years I am finally a free man.

Welcome to my therapy, my thoughts, my struggles, my life.

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    C. D. GuzmanWritten by C. D. Guzman

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