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Finding Your True Love Broken

It happens all time, you can meet a broken soul and twinkle love around them

By Warreń Chris BuliméPublished 11 days ago 1 min read
Two lovers face each other. Photo created in midjourney

In the darkest hours, when shadows weep,

And broken hearts, in silence, sleep,

A shattered tale of love, unfold,

Where once two souls, as one, were told.

A spark of hope, in twilight's gleam,

When whispers echo, love's sweet theme,

Through verdant fields, and moonlit skies,

Two souls entwined, in destiny's ties.

The tender touch, of love's first blush,

The passion's fire, the quiet hush,

In shattered pieces, lies the truth,

The bittersweet, of love's lost youth.

Through stormy nights, and sunless days,

The path of love, through winding ways,

Can lead us to, the light once more,

Where hearts can heal, and love restore.

Embrace the pain, the shattered glass,

The memories, that never pass,

For in the ruins, of love's decay,

A stronger heart, is born today.

And though the scars, may never fade,

The beauty lies, in what we've made,

For love is never truly lost,

But found anew, at any cost.

So hold your heart, against the storm,

And watch as love, takes on new form,

For in the end, it's not in vain,

To find your true love, broken, and gain.

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About the Creator

Warreń Chris Bulimé

I am a lover of words and language.

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