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Finding My Place

Seeking Belonging

By ManhaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Finding My Place
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Adrift in this vast, bewildering sea,

I search for the shores where I long to be.

A sense of belonging, a place to call mine,

Eludes me, a treasure that's so hard to find.

Through crowded corridors, I wander and roam,

Yearning for that special space I can call home.

But still, I press on, refusing to give in,

For I know that the answers I seek lie within.

The answers may come, or they may never be,

But I'll keep exploring, until I'm finally free

To embrace the truth of where I'm meant to be,

And claim the belonging that's been waiting for me.


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Weaving tales that linger and crafting verses that sing, I'm a creative writer and poet from the south of Asia. Let's wander together - a captivating read awaits

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  • KVarnasabout a month ago

    This poem beautifully captures the universal quest for belonging and the resilience needed to keep searching despite the challenges. Love it!👏 Come check my page, maybe you'll find something to your liking😊

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