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Eye Caught

When a toddler draw attention of a passer-by. A dragon got hir eyes caught on him.

By Francis LPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Eye Caught
Photo by Erik van Dijk on Unsplash

Well !

I smell

I can tell

Hidden in a dell

Something that do yell

And I can hear from my shell.

A strange animal's screaming,

Shouting my soft silent lodging

With his-her wailings strong as a bell

Singing, sounding, ringing, tinkling, roaring,

Making my monster's head bored from hearing it.

But as I get closer to the source, I feel safer.

All this murmur, all these rumors, a son of fifer

Throws and spreads them from his thin bassinet, next to one spring.

Cry ! Cry ! Cry, little boy ! Come with me : you chose the right river !

Follow me ; I'll make you turn hefty.

Grow ! Grow, baby human ! Grow bit by bit !

By Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

Become my apple-boy - I foretell

You'll develop into a shining

Bright man of your kind, adventurer and leader

Who'll show strength, smartness plus full vitality.

But before that, I'll teach a whit

Of my wide knowledge and ability

To the slight seed you're now left over.

"I bet my life", Imagine Dragons (pop-rock group from Las Vegas), 2015

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  • Francis L (Author)about a year ago

    Not enough reaction in a right time ; I'm not boosted to continue this story :(

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