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Birds of a Feather

By Lizz ChambersPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Jacques LE HENAFF on Unsplash

Birds that fill the world’s skies today are reminders of a distant and strange past.

Dinosaurs have always sparked the imagination, large and scaley, but were they too large and grand to last?

It's hard to believe the dinosaur of years gone by evolved into the sparrow of today.

We have always considered these creatures scaled-up lizards, but now we must evaluate them another way.

We are in a 'dinosaur renaissance' linking today's birds to dinosaurs through new discoveries.

Was food too scarce on the ground, so the smaller, more agile dinosaurs took to the trees?

It is hard to believe the large creatures are related with their large size and skin of leather.

When did they start to evolve, and when did their skin turn from rough scales to soft feathers?

Over the years, dinosaurs have sparked the imagination, and views have changed continually through time.

115 million years ago, a small predatory dinosaur was uniquely similar to birds or something along those lines.

Dinosaurs are hard enough to imagine without thinking they became birds.

But what do I know? I am not an expert; I can only repeat what I have heard.

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Lizz Chambers

I began writing business articles as the Vice President of a hotel management company and found that I was good at it. I want to grow as a fiction writer, and Vocal can help me in that pursuit.

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Comments (4)

  • Angie the Archivist 📚🪶24 days ago

    Great poem & take on the topic… 🤩 ‘Dinosaurs are hard enough to imagine without thinking they became birds.’ I agree with Shirley!✅🙃

  • Manisha Dhalaniabout a month ago

    Very nicely written poem. Good story, good rhythm. Well done!

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Lol, that's what I've heard too. Loved your poem!

  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    I think dinosaurs were always dinosaurs and birds have always been birds. Sometimes people with a bunch of letters behind their names just get too carried away. I enjoyed your thoughts, Lizz. I haven't seen anyone else address the challenge in this way.

Lizz ChambersWritten by Lizz Chambers

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