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Everyone We Meet Has a Lesson for Us

We met by pure coincidence. A serendipitous encounter. Sometimes the best things can grow out of the worst situations. #VocalNPM

Everyone We Meet Has a Lesson for Us

Everyone we meet has a lesson for us.

The most important things I have learned from you

are not the things I've heard,

But everything I have felt.

You've taught me that being brave isn't about not being scared.

It's about being scared and doing it anyway.

You've taught me that it’s not selfish to believe in yourself.

It’s necessary.

You've taught me that it's ok to laugh when you don't want to.

And that I can.

You've taught me that sometimes we just need someone.

And when I accept that,

I don’t always have to be the strong one.

You've taught me that sitting with someone in silence,

says more than a million words.

You've taught me that when you truly care,

you find the courage to talk about things.

You've taught me that being a friend is simply about being there.

Nothing else.

Just showing up.

That being a friend is simply about loving someone enough to show up.

You've taught me that the differences between us,

are exactly what make us better together.

You've taught me that I am a better Me,

when I'm with You.

Because you bring that out in me.

And occasionally you'll find people that do that.

You’ve taught me that every type of relationship requires effort.

And forgiveness.

You just have to decide which ones are worth both.

And how to accept the ones that aren’t.

You’ve taught me how to let go,

how to move on,

and that I can do each of them.

You’ve taught me that sometimes there are roads we have to walk alone.

And other times we have to be brave enough to allow others to do the same.

You’ve taught me that patience is a virtue.

You’ve taught me to never settle for less than what I want.

You’ve taught me to believe that I am worth it.

You've taught me that being vulnerable is a strength.

Not a weakness.

You’ve taught me that although giving away your heart is a risk,

the chance is always worth taking.

You've taught me the meaning behind,

“everything happens for a reason.”

Because if I didn't have to come here,

I would never have met you.

You've taught me that sometimes the deepest kind of love

isn't always about who you lay down next to at night,

but who you walk with during the day.

You've taught me that someone will always be there.

That I'm not as alone as I sometimes think I am.

You've taught me how to focus on the good.

In every situation.

You've taught me that sometimes things happen that are out of my control.

The grace comes in the way we react.

I didn't want to come here.

I have hated it here from the moment I left home.

But you've taught me that,

“home is not where you are,

but how you feel.”

You've taught me that our plan for our lives may not align with the bigger plan.

But there's a reason for that.

Our paths were destined to collide.

You held lessons I needed to learn.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom,

your heart,

and your friendship with me.

You've taught me that good things don't always end.

You've taught me that people stay.

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