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Ethereal Enigma

Flowers of Velvet

By Shelby Hagood Published 5 months ago 1 min read

Our time is a labyrinth,

a winding of riddles.

You can always solve them

like a cascade I submerge into

Ethereal Enigma.

You whisper a riddle to me

like a serenade I shall solve.

You become a symbol of beauty and love

both beginnings and endings.

Flowers of velvet

you are made of.

My Lilly of the Valley

so sweet to be with,

but toxic to consume.

If only someone warned me

you were not to be eaten like food.

I was ravenous for you,

but now my stomach aches.

I would still choose to consume

you yet again even still.


About the Creator

Shelby Hagood

Warner Bros and Disney 💕

Cat lover 🐱

Love fancy chocolate 🍫

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    Shelby Hagood Written by Shelby Hagood

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