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"Eternal Serenade"

"Dancing Through the Pages of Passion"

By Waseem ChemPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Beneath the shimmering veil of night's embrace,

An everlasting serenade, love's gentle grace.

In the celestial ballet, where stars gather,

I pen our tale, "The Everlasting Serenade."

With quill in hand, guided by moon's soft glow,

We dance through the pages, together in tow.

In the hushed whispers where hearts confess,

"A Symphony of Love in Verse" we profess.

Soft murmurs glide, like notes on a breeze,

A melody that time cannot seize.

Through the choreography of passion, emotions bloom,

In the eternal pages, our love's sweet tune.

The dance unfolds, a waltz of longing,

Igniting flames, an insatiable yearning.

Pages turn, with each graceful spin,

"The Everlasting Serenade" etches a twin.

In the book of love, where chapters unfurl,

Each verse, a testament to this swirling whirl.

Our souls entwined, an intimate fusion,

"Dancing Through the Pages of Passion" in seclusion.

On parchment kissed by dawn's gentle light,

Our love story painted, vivid and bright.

In every stanza, passion takes the lead,

A ballet of emotions, an eternal creed.

So let our serenade linger and play,

In the symphony of love, forever to stay.

The dance continues, an immortal design,

"The Everlasting Serenade," a love so divine.

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Waseem Chem

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