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"Serenade of Souls"

"Melodies of Love Written in the Language of the Heart"

By Waseem ChemPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the ethereal melody where stars gently dance,

Lines unfurl in a poetic romance.

Each verse, a musical note in the realm of desire,

A symphony crafted in the language of love's fire.

Whispers of moonlight and gentle breaths,

Serenading spirits beneath the starry depths.

In the tranquility of affection, where emotions reside,

A sonnet is penned, a masterpiece from the heart's guide.

Yearnings echo through the night's embrace,

The serenade of souls, a melody of grace.

With every word, a promise to convey,

A love story engraved in the language of hearts' sway.

"Serenade of Souls," a poetic map,

Guiding true love's journey, from its very first lap.

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Waseem Chem

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