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Eternal Sands: A Poetic Journey

Exploring the Beauty and Transience of Sand

By חנוש אביכזרPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Eternal Sands: A Poetic Journey
Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

Sand, sand, abound.

In the desolate wilderness or embracing the coastline.

A cloak of the smooth shade of the sun

shifting like scorching gemstones

scalding unprotected soles

until we've transformed into dromedaries gathering seashells,

imprinting our footprints in the sand.

Entangled sandpipers perform

their delightful melody negotiating the day

moisture serving up amusements

like prowling cougars

we hunt for enjoyment

creating chaos

feeling enchantment

like children

constructing fortresses and realms

emptying the soothing basins

just like craftsmen

chasing the sun

to expedite


running while embracing

digging and unearthing

burrowing akin to prairie dogs

shoveling the sandbox

burying the remains

gliding past summer and the ephemeral nature of time.

There is poesy in every grain

confined within the sifting hourglass

of reveries

measured in rivers and mountains of sandstone.

And although eventually

all we comprehend will be effaced,

nature poetry

About the Creator

חנוש אביכזר

. אבל על ידי שמירה על מחויבות למטרה שלך ותמשיך ללמוד ולצמוח כסופר,

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  • Naveedkk 8 months ago

    That was exceptionally well written. I was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed it immensely

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