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Eternal Radiance

A Poem to God Almighty

By Raj’s VocalPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Eternal Radiance
Photo by Tony Eight Media on Unsplash

In the realm of heavens high,

Where stars adorn the endless sky,

There dwells a force beyond compare,

God Almighty, ever-present, always there.

Infinite wisdom, boundless grace,

In God's embrace, we find our place.

A beacon in life's tempestuous sea,

Guiding us to where we're meant to be.

Through darkest nights and brightest days,

In every soul, in countless ways,

God's love and light forever shine,

A truth transcendent, truly divine.

In nature's beauty, in love's embrace,

In every smile on every face,

We glimpse the presence, we feel the might,

Of God, the source of all that's right.

In whispered prayers and silent pleas,

In acts of kindness, on bended knees,

We seek connection, we seek the way,

To understand God's grand display.

In every faith, in every creed,

In every heart that yearns to heed,

The call of something greater, grand,

We find God's love, the guiding hand.

In unity, we all are one,

Underneath the same bright sun,

In God's vast garden, we all belong,

A tapestry of voices, a chorus, strong.

So let us humbly bow our head,

In gratitude for what's been spread,

God Almighty, ever near,

In your love, there's naught to fear.

For in your presence, we find our peace,

A love that never seems to cease,

In the sacred dance of day and night,

God Almighty, our eternal light.

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