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Celestial Harmony

Nature's Sacred Poetry

By Raj’s VocalPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Celestial Harmony
Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

In nature's realm, where wonders ceaseless flow,

The divine presence, in every breeze, does blow,

In forests deep and mountains tall,

I find the sacred, the source of all.

Beneath the canopy of skies so vast,

I glimpse the divine, in shadows cast,

In the whispering leaves and babbling streams,

I hear the hymns of nature's dreams.

The sun ascends, a golden sphere,

A radiant presence, drawing near,

It warms the earth with tender grace,

A divine touch upon its face.

The moon, a beacon in the night,

Guiding souls with gentle light,

In its glow, I see the divine's embrace,

A tranquil, soft, and soothing grace.

The stars above, a sparkling choir,

Infinite galaxies that never tire,

They twinkle in the cosmic sea,

A divine dance for eternity.

In the creatures that roam, in the birds that soar,

In the oceans' depths and the oceans' roar,

I find the divine in every form,

In the intricate patterns of life's grand norm.

In the changing seasons, in birth and decay,

In the cycles of night and the cycles of day,

I witness the divine's eternal scheme,

A sacred rhythm, a timeless dream.

So when I seek the divine's embrace,

I turn to nature's boundless grace,

For in its beauty, I find the clue,

To the divine presence, forever true.

In every leaf, in every stone,

In every place that I have known,

The divine nature, forever pure,

In its embrace, I find my cure.

So let us cherish nature's art,

And feel the divine in every part,

For in this world, both near and far,

The divine nature is who we are.

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