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Raindrop Serenade

Nature's Liquid Poetry

By Raj’s VocalPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Raindrop Serenade
Photo by Nick Nice on Unsplash

In the quiet of the morning's hush,

When dawn's first light begins to blush,

A gentle symphony descends from high,

As raindrops dance from the sky.

Each drop a jewel, a liquid gem,

In nature's grand diadem,

They patter softly upon the ground,

In a rhythmic, soothing, calming sound.

They kiss the leaves with tender grace,

Trickle down at their own pace,

Quenching earth with life anew,

In every shade of glistening hue.

Upon the window's glassy pane,

They trace their paths like nature's wane,

A transient art, a fleeting view,

A masterpiece in every drop of dew.

In fields, they dress the petals fair,

A jeweled crown for blooms to wear,

Enhancing colors, refreshing all,

As they answer nature's gentle call.

On rooftops, rooftops far and wide,

They gather, then in rivulets glide,

Creating streams that rush and play,

In this liquid ballet of a rainy day.

So when the heavens open wide,

And raindrops fall from every side,

Pause to hear their calming song,

As they serenade the world along.

For in each drop, a story's told,

Of nature's wonders, pure and bold,

A gift from skies so gray and high,

The beauty of rain, we can't deny.

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