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"Eternal Devotion"


By Md. Shakil KhanPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

I am your vision

All day, all night

I will be a blooming flower

touch your pain

from your chin

I will gently suck on the lips,

all your sorrows

Leaving fever sensation.

With the cloak of love

I will imprison you

Like a blanket on a winter day

I will cling to you.

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Md. Shakil Khan

Don't Trust People,

Who Tell You Other People's " SECRET"


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  • Md. Shakil Khan (Author)7 months ago

    This passionate poem speaks of an intense and devoted love. The speaker offers themselves as a constant source of comfort and solace to their beloved, ready to alleviate their pain and sorrows. The imagery of a blooming flower and the intimate act of touching lips convey a sense of tenderness and deep connection. The poem goes on to describe the all-encompassing nature of this love, using metaphors like a cloak of love and a winter day's blanket to depict a strong, protective, and enveloping affection. Overall, it portrays a profound and unwavering commitment to the well-being and happiness of the beloved.

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