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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In a realm of eternal bliss, my dear,

Where Prophet Ibrahim’s presence is near,

Under the Lord’s mercy, love, and grace,

Our children reside in this sacred place.

In paradise, where angels sing,

Their lullabies through celestial wings,

Their melodies caress your gentle ears,

Bringing joy and serenity that endears.

In this realm of endless delight,

Where peace and mercy shine so bright,

Our children bask in eternal glee,

Embraced by love for eternity.

They dance with angels in fields so green,

Their laughter echoes like a heavenly scene,

With joyous hearts and carefree souls,

In paradise, where bliss truly unfolds.

They behold the beauty that surrounds,

From vibrant gardens to shimmering grounds,

With every step, they explore and play,

Under the sun’s gentle, eternal ray.

In the presence of Prophet Ibrahim, they learn,

His wisdom and guidance, like a sacred churn,

Their hearts enlightened by his noble grace,

In this heavenly abode, a sacred space.

Oh, how fortunate are our children dear,

To reside in a place where love is clear,

Where they’re cradled by the Lord above,

Surrounded by His infinite mercy and love.

So rest assured, my precious ones,

In paradise, your eternal home, where the suns

Of love and bliss forever shine,

In the embrace of the Divine.

May the angels’ lullabies serenade,

Guiding you through this eternal cascade,

In paradise’s embrace, may you forever stay,

Enjoying the blessings of eternity each day.


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