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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Hush, little one, don't you cry,

In Mommy's arms, you'll peacefully lie.

The moon above, with its gentle glow,

Will watch over you as you dream and grow.

Close your eyes, my precious child,

As I sing to you, soft and mild.

The stars twinkle, one by one,

And the night whispers, "It's time for fun."

In dreamland, you'll meet a world so grand,

Where teddy bears dance and unicorns stand.

Flying high on a magical swing,

You'll explore a world of everything.

Sleep, my little angel, so snug and tight,

With dreams filled with joy and pure delight.

The fairies will sprinkle fairy dust,

Creating a world that you can trust.

As you slumber, the night will unfold,

With stories untold and treasures untold.

You'll meet friendly animals, big and small,

In a wonderland where happiness enthralls.

So dream, my child, and let your imagination soar,

To lands where rainbows paint the sky and more.

Know that you're loved, forever and a day,

As you drift off to sleep and peacefully sway.

Rest now, my darling, in this lullaby,

With dreams that make your heart fly high.

Sleep tight, my child, till the morning light,

For in my arms, you're safe and bright.


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