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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the cradle of her arms, we found solace's embrace,

Our dear grandmother, with love's gentle grace.

She told us stories, like whispers in the night,

Filling our dreams with tales of wonder and delight.

Her lap, a haven where we nestled to sleep,

Wrapped in tranquility, our slumber ran deep.

A peaceful lady, with a heart so kind,

Her love enveloped us, like a warm springtime.

With every word she spoke, her voice was a song,

Weaving enchantment, where our imaginations belonged.

Through her tales, she painted worlds unseen,

Guiding us to realms where dreams convene.

She conjured castles, amidst the starry sky,

Where knights and princesses triumphed with a sigh.

Magical creatures danced in mystical glades,

As we listened, awe-struck, in the moonlit shades.

Her wisdom flowed like a gentle stream,

Nurturing our souls with every gleam.

Her touch, a balm for the troubles we faced,

Her presence, a sanctuary, where worries were erased.

Oh, loving grandmother, your warmth and care,

Like a vibrant tapestry, forever we'll wear.

You shaped our childhood, with love's tender hand,

Imprinting memories, cherished grains of sand.

Now grown, we honor your legacy dear,

With grateful hearts, we hold you near.

Your stories linger in our hearts, ever bright,

Guiding us through life, like stars in the night.

For you, dear grandmother, this verse we impart,

A tribute to your love, a gift from the heart.

May your days be filled with joy and peace,

Our forever source of love's sweet release.

nature poetry

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