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prompt #1

By hirahPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

Sleepless night

Whispers of the twilight night

Staring through my window

Thinking of him

In my velvet nightwear

when nature is asleep

and the stars are mute

shutting my eyes closed

falling for his serenade melody

mesmerized by his soothing sounds

the cacophony of shadow

a grand scenery of the cascade water flow displays

such a magnificent sight

the reflection of the moon

An ethereal willow of his beauty

A feeling of enigma flashes by

Restless, sad, dissatisfied, and unhappy

It feels like a labyrinth from which I try escaping, the imagination of the other side

Getting lost countless time

A struggle with the riddle of my lifelong thought forever losing my thread

Hoping for a happy ending for us

Never give up.

@ Hii guys this is my entry for Randy Baker's challenge please your comments are appreciated thank you.

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I'm Hirah, I'm a writer, a computer scientist who loves to write about inspirational and educative stories, poetry and so much more, the genres of my writing are vast and educational, fun, and serve as an escape route for my readers.

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  • Novel Allen4 months ago

    I am rooting for that happy ending. I read it twice and i still read velvet underwear. This challenge has me all upside down. If not that dream then another will appear. Lovely poem.

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