Energy Vampire

by A Darker Reality about a year ago in slam poetry

Narcissistic func-tion-al-ity

Energy Vampire

The vampire at night,

Such a fright,

His delights,

Give into his might;

But not of strength,

Of per-son-ality.

In your greed,

You fill his need,

To intercede,

And make you bleed.

Not your life;

But your re-al-ity.

It's your escape.

His mental rape;

His darkness it invigorates.

Be careful not to slip,

In to du-al-ity.

Between your life, and the one he is making.

One is real; The other is faking.

Make no mistake on the path he is taking:

The One that separates you from your neu-tral-ity.

His fantasy created:

Wildly overrated.

Your inner self berated.

Butyour demons? They are sated!

As you swim in the depths of his men-tal-ity.

Feed on you? OH yes he must!

Turn your heart to dried out dust,

Emotions you can't trust,

He'll blind you with his lust,

And control you with his searing sex-u-al-ity.

At this point in my friend,

This connection, you must end.

If ever you intend,

Your heart to begin to mend,

And never speak to him again, In act-u-al-ity.

But these things; they are not done.

Too addicted to the fun?

Your time: Out it does now run.

Off into the rising sun,

To face the day: His walking fa-tal-ity.

slam poetry
A Darker Reality
A Darker Reality
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A Darker Reality

Troubled for most of my life, riddled with drug and sex addiction, I went to therapy, and learned to stop hating myself so much. The poetry and writings are my reconciliation with life and the world In general.

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