Depression Aggression

by James Tice 3 months ago in sad poetry

Or, "When Darkness Comes"

Depression Aggression

It's bow knocked up against the docks as the waves rocked it.

The summer night sky alight with the remnants of its day king, darkening.

The stars twinkling in the dance to their Queen, disappearing one by one.

The dark black clouds climb over the horizon like smoke from a dragon's breath;

Consuming everything in its path.

The howling wind of all past storms; rises.

The boat rocks harder as the wind sweeps round the ties of reality that once kept it safe,

Now threaten to pull it below.

Wrenching hard it tries to free itself, the deathly black waters lick up its sides.

Its hunger never sated; its bed mates with the wind as they lull ultimate destruction, harpies of the mind.

Littered with the scars of a thousand storms, the docks add more as the two smash them together:

The safe harbor now gone.

With no choice but to ride this out; the ties of reality break.

The dark black currents draw it away, the winds of the past embrace, filling its sails with its blustery lies.

Gently caressing its movement further into the black sea hopelessness:

Reality fades:

The blackness seeps,

As the endlessness of it all, coos it to its own oblivion.

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sad poetry
James Tice
James Tice
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James Tice

Troubled for most of my life,  riddled with drug and sex addiction, I went to therapy, and learned to stop hating myself so much.  The poetry and writings are my reconciliation with life and the world In general.

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