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By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

You discover a house that has been locked for years.

Behind its doors are the memories of tears.

You break inside but that was a mistake.

Confused as to why you can smell cake.

There is no natural light to guide your way.

You'd leave but your intrigue makes you stay.

You enter the parlour where a piano key is pressed.

But because it was not you, you're feeling stressed.

You go into the kitchen and the stove comes on.

The kettle starts to whistle and you are soon gone.

You are about to exit when you hear a distant buzzing sound.

Then you realise that it is sky bound.

Slowly ascending the stairs to the growing noise.

Your nerves are pretty much destroyed.

You see a faint flickering light under the door.

Turning the handle to find out what's in store.

In the corner stands a figure facing the wall.

You are reluctant to but you give them a call.

They turn slowly as of on a turntable.

What you see makes your balance unstable.

A pale lady in a white nightie.

Her hair is tied back neat and tightly.

She is staring coldly and without a smile.

You are so desperate to run a mile.

But she has other plans as you will soon learn.

The lantern is wavering as the buzzing returns.

Soon she is completely surrounded by bees.

You gasp for air as you fall to your knees.

You scramble to your feet and almost jump down the stairs.

But you will not escape what is living there.

The lady screams and the lantern's flame rushes to the roof.

If you doubted this was real here is the proof.

Soon the whole house is covered in flame.

Every surface is untouchable and you've lost the game.

You've no choice but to burn unwillingly.

"No visitors allowed!" shouts Miss Emily.

surreal poetry

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Paul Crocker

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