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Embraced In ...

The Love of a Black Man

By Alexis WellmakerPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Embraced In ...
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The love of a Black man is as majestic as the Nile River

His heart brims with emotion --

Of which, he is a true giver,

One who bestows a dedicated devotion.

His love possesses an endurance of eternity.

Its warmth shines in his brown eyes

Promising his loyalty

A forever that is not hard to recognize.

His words cascade over a woman like molasses,

Slow and sweet.

His touch warms her soul so that she must wait until it passes

Beckoning its repeat.

The love of a Black man is as soothing as a Sunday morning rain.

His kiss falls on a woman's face restoring its essence.

With his love one has more that riches or fame.

One is greatly blessed by the quiet strength of his presence.

His heart is very proud to love

The woman who will love him.

The Black woman who will know the song,

Imprinted on his heart from above

Allowing the light to shine on both of them

When their path may be too long.

The love of a Black man is as nurturing as the black soil of the earth.

Giving life to all seeds ... Seeds of the future and of today.

His heart soars when the woman he loves gives birth

(Giving life to all seeds) This woman will forever stay ...

Embraced in the love of a Black man.

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Alexis Wellmaker

Wrapped up in Words / Chaser of Dreams / Keeper of stories / Maker of well-written work ... I strive to create positive, uplifting stories for children and adults.

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  • Alexis Wellmaker (Author)3 months ago

    Thank you for the kind words, Johnny! 🙂

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