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An Explanation of Love:

Straight From the Heart

By Alexis WellmakerPublished 11 months ago Updated 10 months ago 1 min read
An Explanation of Love:
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To Inquiring Loves,

What is love? Is it how many times that we take each others' helpful advice? Is it how many times that we take advantage of one another? Is love measured by how much money or material possessions we have? Does love take into account how much time we spend apart? Is love proven by how many times we talk each other into doing something we'd rather not do? Is it how many times that we get our own way?Does loving someone include how beautiful they are? Does it entail how much passion one may possess?

Or may love simply be: taking each other's advice into consideration; appreciating what one has done for the other; counting our blessings and being rich in our happiness; valuing the time we spend together; accepting what we want to do for each other and expecting no more; wanting to give rather than receive; finding the beauty of someone's soul and sharing the passion of one's heart.

Or may the concept of love simply be explained in the words of a poem?

An explanation of love,

Straight From the Heart

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