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How Hearts Can Be Deceiving

By Michael O'ConnorPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Their toes touched together in the deep, gooey muck;

In the pool of warmth and everlasting lust

That could only be the source of their existence.

Time stood still in a pause of the wind, where their hair

Blew through and became entwined

They danced the dance of kings, as instinct led feet and hands

In a bountiful exchange of honest and endangered truth.

How love can be so kind.

They sung from the tips of the mountains above the

Endless ranges surrounding,

And the glisten in her eye, showed that the sparkle of desire

Was reflected from the core of her cornea

The airlessness returned from out of

Her shoulders as they swayed in leather jackets

How hope can be so dangerous.

She was as pink and as bright as

Only the imagination can share

For they knew not grasping the edges of their skin

In a moment of flustered and not cautious movements

Are souls supposed to cross in the vast open stream

Never to return to their core again

Or is it gray matter that enchants the minds of the spirit

With an unforgiving hopelessness

How truth can be so unbearable

For she is lost at sea

While he waits…

She’ll meet him at the shore

And he waits…

How hearts can be deceiving


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Michael O'Connor

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