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An acrostic poem

By Joe MuringPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Eclipse of the sun, a celestial show,

Lunar shadow creeping, casting its glow.

In the darkness, stars begin to gleam,

Partial obscurity, a mesmerizing dream.

Sunlight fades, the moon takes its place,

Eclipsing all with its tranquil grace.

Eclipse of the mind, thoughts intertwine,

Luminous shadows, a celestial sign.

In the silence, dreams come alive,

Partial revelations, secrets to contrive.

Sunset hues, painting the sky,

Eclipsing worries as they fly by.

Eclipse of the heart, emotions sway,

Luminous moments, in the night they play.

In the stillness, memories arise,

Partial darkness, under starlit skies.

Sun and moon, in their celestial dance,

Eclipsing worries with a gentle trance.

Eclipse of time, a moment suspended,

Lunar beauty, gracefully intended.

In the heavens, a celestial tale,

Partial obscurity, a fleeting veil.

Sun and moon, in their cosmic chase,

Eclipsing worries, leaving in their embrace.

Eclipse of doubt, clarity revealed,

Luminous shadows, mysteries unsealed.

In the cosmos, a dance of light,

Partial darkness, a celestial sight.

Sun and moon, in their cosmic race,

Eclipsing fears with their embrace.

Eclipse of worries, they fade away,

Lunar whispers, in the night they sway.

In the silence, stars begin to gleam,

Partial darkness, like a dream.

Sun and moon, in their cosmic glide,

Eclipsing fears with peace inside.

Eclipse of fear, courage takes flight,

Luminous moments, banishing night.

In the twilight, shadows play,

Partial obscurity, lighting the way.

Sun and moon, in their celestial trance,

Eclipsing doubts with radiant dance.


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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Well done you are doing great keep it up

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