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Echoes of the Past

Whispers of the Past Echoed in the Present, Revealing the Story of Our Lives

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Echoes of the Past
Photo by Mariano Nocetti on Unsplash

Echoes of the past, a haunting sound

A voice from long ago, that's still around

A world of memories, that we can't forget

A place of wonder, that we must respect.

The ghosts of the past, that still remain

A world of wonder, that we can't explain

Their whispers in the air, a haunting sound

Echoes of the lost, that can't be found.

The places we've been, and the things we've seen

A world of wonder, that we can't glean

The memories that remain, so strong and true

A world so different, from what we knew.

Echoes of the past, a world so grand

A place of wonder, that's out of hand

The stories that lie, in the heart of time

A mystery so vast, that's out of rhyme.

But we will keep listening, to the echoes of the past

Until we understand, the memories that last

And honor the stories, that shaped our world

And keep their echoes, forever unfurled.

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