Earth Mother

by A. R. Ambrosi about a year ago in social commentary

Tell Me Your Stories

Earth Mother

What have they done to you, Mother

What blood of weeping

Have they torn from your eyes

What visions

Have they stopped you from seeing

Tell me what abundance

They have killed

What food you have offered

That they discarded and destroyed

Which limbs did they amputate

When they cleared your forests

Tell me how they suffocated you

In concrete

And plastic

And other foreign substances

That you could not

Return to your breast

Tell me Earth Mother

What vile poisons

Have they laid into your veins

What black smoke

Have they given you to breathe

What harmful chemicals

Have they poured

Into the ocean

Of your womb

Tell me these stories

My beautiful Mother

Tell me how your own children

Betrayed you

Now that their bodies lie dead

Extinct forever

In your empty shell

social commentary
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A. R. Ambrosi

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