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E.C.L.I.P.S.E. Cycle of Life

Eagle's decent illuminate

By Kristine MilewskiPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read
E.C.L.I.P.S.E. Cycle of Life
Photo by Curioso Photography on Unsplash

Eagle’s soaring over a barren field, eyes fixated toward her decent

Claws extend as she swoops, out of the dirt cloud she rises as the rattlesnake dangles in flight.

Little does the prey’s plumage to its death, understands its demise.

In what we call, circle of life – falling into obscurity is the

Potential of a rebirth.

Simple transformation of one soul dying to the primordial world

Enters a new age of humanity, where decent illuminates new potential.


About the Creator

Kristine Milewski

My inspiration comes from recreating beautiful scenes with words that capture nature, positivity, and resilience in the face of others' perceptions.

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