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Dwindled time

a waste what not

By Josie Del VallePublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Dwindled time
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To forgive is for whose humanity?

Certainly not mine.

Forgiveness runs but like sands of time,

And to which I have none for you.

The sands have run out through and through,

And you beg forgiveness for what?

Your humbleness is a fake wall for all of those who know not of the fakeness you've become,

I forgive none of it, not a single one.

And if that makes me the evil one than so be it.

I'd rather wear my cape proud, than be something im not.

But image is all you want to maintain,

I could careless whether people even know my name,

yet that's your life thread.

I could careless if I was barley dead.

The thought process of a tainted man,

has no holding to my sands...of time,

Yet you undermine all that I hold dear,

to rupture the peace and serenity that I hold near,

because for you its unheard of for peace to be a fact of some ones life,

If you're going through it, so must everyone in sight,

But why?!

Did i do something to deserve to die?

Not that i Mind,

but one is going to question why?

And why are you the founding decision clause?

Amongst all of your flaws?

Just because you go through it, so must we all?!!!!!

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About the Creator

Josie Del Valle

I'm a down to earth person, as anyone else. My writings come from moments in time that have inspired me. These are thoughts I dare not utter out loud. My writings are not for everyone, and they were not meant to be. They simply are me.

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    Josie Del ValleWritten by Josie Del Valle

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