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Duct Tape the Damage

by Katey Ferreira about a year ago in social commentary
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A poem inspired by economic barriers to mental health care access in the United States.

Duct Tape the Damage
Photo by Sara Rolin on Unsplash

part i

death death

death death neglect


part ii

no insurance no money


part iii

duct tape the damage

too many bills

healing takes dollars


part iv

repeat one to three

keep going

no time to break curses


time heals

but we sold all our hours

discounted to bosses

no other option


if you want to get better

in america

you better pay


if you want to breathe

you better deserve it


social commentary

About the author

Katey Ferreira

I have Mars in Aries in my chart, so you can probably blame that.

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