Drugs over life

by Shelby Jordan 2 months ago in sad poetry

what is enough to make a change

Drugs over life

A tattered start and a broken heart

Unwinding with drugs

from her life, she uses; then unplugs.

Tears away from the life she never wanted

but that life is whats taunted,

her every fear, her way of life

she's to coward to turn the knife.

She wants more, and deep down she knows it;

but after her thoughts settle, she gets lit.

One more puff and one more bowl,

how could she ever play that mother role.

She knows her kids will resent her.

or will their childhood be a big blur.

Is it too late to change her ways;

that same old song in her head is what plays.

Tapping her foot to the beat;

another bowl smoked above that heat.

She is so close to giving up,

those thoughts in her head never seem to shut-up.

Maybe one day she'll pull her head out of her ass,

and drop that dope in that stupid piece of glass.

sad poetry
Shelby Jordan
Shelby Jordan
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Shelby Jordan

Not everything will always go your way. that is life. Everyone has their own story and their own two feet to stand on. Life comes at yea fast, make it worth remembering. Make yourself worth remembering. Nothing too small or too big for you!

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