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Don't we all have doubts? Don't let your doubts hold you back.

By MICHELLE SMITHPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Don't second guess!

I hate how you make me feel

How doubts circle day and day

Feels like I'll never know you one day

We are distances apart, making it hard from the start

I hate myself for feeling this way

I just can't push the thoughts away

You're on my mind continually, yet you're making me second guess everything

I hate that I met you so late in life

I hate that I'm specific in all that I seek

I hate that I'm selfish at the end of each day

I'm seeking a partner, a mate but I hate that I doubt you everyday

Are you really my soulmate?

So why do I hate myself when I love you so much

Your safety is all I ever think about

I picture you arriving home in my arms

I picture a family growing in love

Then I hate myself for sabotaging what we have

I'm pushing you away making me hate me more and more each day

I'm at a crossroads, what do I do?

I hate myself but I can't stop miss you

I barely know but my heart longs for you

I hate myself for thinking the way I do

Doubts creep in no matter the circumstances, however, it is up to you to push those doubts aside. You'll never really know what you have until you try. From experience I push people away, knowing I probably deserve to be alone but I'm learning now that as long as I love me, I can love someone else and not allow the doubts to ruin a relationship.

Be positive in your relationship, don't let the negative take over. You can conquer any trial, any argument, etc. Just be willing to put the effort in, you'll go far.

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Be the inspiration you want others to see. I just want to inspire others through poetry. We all need a bit of positivity and to know that there are others going through similar situations.

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