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Through poetry emotion can be expressed. Sometimes its best just written down then said.

By MICHELLE SMITHPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

I'm mad at how things started out

I'm mad that you act as if you did nothing wrong

I'm mad because you won't be here

I'm mad because we've never met

I'm mad about the situation I put myself in

I'm mad that I made a stupid decision

I'm mad because I'll never know what plan is instore

I'm mad because all you've said could be lies

I'm mad for believing in someone I've never met

I'm mad about giving away my heart once again

I'm mad that I am still bitter

I'm mad that I can't get over this

I'm mad that four months past and I wasted time once again

I'm mad because I though you were honest and true

I'm mad because half the conversations related to money

I'm mad because you didn't try

I'm mad because I feel there are so many lies

I'm mad that I didn't see it from the start, you were always going to break my heart

I'm mad because I can't stop thinking of you, the person I was trying to know

I'm mad because you didn't understand that I'm a single mom, still you reached out

I'm mad because you don't see how hard I am working to repair all the damage I allowed you to cause

I'm mad because I said no drama and you brought it in

I'm mad because I thought you meant something to me

I'm mad that my eyes were blinded due to lust in this world

I'm mad because I thought you were a saved Christian like me

I'm mad because I knew better and helped anyway

I'm mad because I'm bitter and I know it is destroying me

I'm mad because I know I can't get back what was lost

I'm mad because I know this harm wasn't worth the fall; shouldn't have to repair anything at all

I'm mad because I have all these thoughts running through my head and no one to understand

I'm mad because I just want to be loved

I'm mad that my heart it too good for anyone

I'm mad because I never learn

I need to just turn around and take another turn

I need to stop being selfish minded; just deal with the consequences

I need to wake up and see that those in the world are nothing like me

Stop being gullible and handle my own

Be careful who is invited inside my circle

Time to move on and push through this anger inside

In time this will pass but not until you understand you created a terrible past

You will never understand how mad I have become

You are missing all the signs; so did I, red flags were painted but in blind sight

I'm mad that I ignored all the signs ahead

There will be brighter days ahead

Just passing through this tunnel, wishing you knew what I was feeling

Wishing you understood how mad you've made me

You'll never understand, guess I'm living in a dream land

I'm mad about the last four months, my heart is stuck in a rut

No matter how many people I see, I'll never forget what you did to me

How will I ever know that I've found a soul mate, let alone true love some day

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Be the inspiration you want others to see. I just want to inspire others through poetry. We all need a bit of positivity and to know that there are others going through similar situations.

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