We All Have Them, You're Not Alone



I know them well

They dwell deep within

A whisper on the whims of the mind

Playing will she, won’t she

Pulling off one petal at a time

Seemingly dainty, seemingly small

As all seeds planted though

Water it and it will grow

The jealous eye

The envious soul

The man with nothing to live for

The woman with nothing to loose

You see it’s churning, getting mulled over

Rolling and tumbling it goes

Growing into something more

Does she even love me?

Why can it not be mine, am I not deserving?

Do I even matter?

Should I even keep living?

Why must we struggle?

Tell me, is this life even worth it?

Yet, what happens when we look from the other side

A wife planning a surprise and requires the help of his good friend

A boss that has a better promotion and is waiting for the meeting at months end

A man speaking of hope is just behind a door

And as the child is slowly forming from within,

A friend is right around the corner, rushing to tell you

Her family wants you to move in.

So share what’s on your heart my friend,

You’ll find she loves you more now than she did back then

Believe you are meant for greatness and have just a bit more patience

And be glad for those who come before

For soon it will be your turn.

Have courage to take but one more step

And after that then the next

Until you reach place of peace that heals your broken world

And helps you see onward


My friend you are not alone.

For the girl left crying, sitting alone

You are more valuable then treasures of gold

While you still have lungs to breath

Know that with love you can build a home

And give your child what they truly need



Just hold on and believe

You've been given a friend who will help you succeed.

Ahhh doubts, I know them well

Always tapping on your shoulder

Wanting you to turn and look away

They distract you from the truth

They are the seeds that if watered will burn your sanity away

Make you question all life’s blessings

It wants to keep you chained in dismay

Bringing you closer to a sea of depression

Just another form of digression

Making you slowly waste away.

Faith &

Is a breath of fresh air to a drowning man’s lungs

It is the weapon of warfare we choose to use

In order to overcome

Faith is the soil that allows only good seeds to grow

So for those who hear whispers

And have trouble guarding their mind

Fill your garden with soil

Where doubts can go to die

And don'tbe ashamed if you have to borrow soil from a friend

Be honest, be open and share what’s on your mind

For doubts try to keep you dormant

But faith and will bring you life

Michelle Chaparro
Michelle Chaparro
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