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Do I Dare?

... irritation is irrigation ...

By KJ AartilaPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
Do I Dare?
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Do I Dare?

I read an article on here Monday morning, that took me back a little bit. I mean, much of the statements I don’t agree with, but many of the points made were quite valid and caused me some self-reflection, which is a good thing. Self-reflection is my happy place – it’s asking myself the uncomfortable questions, and it’s where I learn and grow. So, the author/article may have irritated me, but I must appreciate the fact that it caused me to ask questions of myself, exactly because I found myself irritated.

I have to ask myself then, why does what the author says, make me feel this way?

Because some of the issues addressed in the article were things I have been trying to ignore, or “spin” differently, so that I could continue living a mindset of willful ignorance about a certain issue I am having, which is not going to improve until I intentionally address it.

I can stay as I am, content with the reliable pittance that I earn, and continue to tell myself that I’m being productive on this hamster-wheel, or I can make the extremely scary leap, which carries a mighty risk, but the possibility of infinite rewards.

I’m still strengthening my legs for the leap, but I think I’m almost ready.

It also encouraged me to “go deeper.” Why? Because I want to be better, more genuine. I want to understand who I am and my impact on the world around me. I need more space, though. More breathing room. More honest accountability.

Just some rambling thoughts. Pay me no mind. :)

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