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Destiny's Date

hidden by divine darkness

By Rajkumarie DeviPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Destiny's Date
Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

I resisted the feelings that desired to overwhelm me,

Resolute will,

Borrowed from my ancestors, to safeguard their honour,

Lending me the strength

To turn away from temptation.

But memories of you shone brilliantly gold;

A heavenly sent spotlight made to enlighten me

Of destiny’s date,

Revealing a love, present all along,

Hidden by some divine darkness.


Your constant presence,

The steady look of your eyes,

The quiet sound of your voice, a mantle of protection;

A shield warding off discord.

Fate’s invisible string,

There from the moment of creation,

Pulling taut till this moment, has begun to spring back;

Rebounding us to each other,

Dissolving time,

As if there had never been those years of space between us.


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About the Creator

Rajkumarie Devi

Observing the world through different eyes and a different mindset.

Walking the path of enlightenment.

Love poetry, science fiction/fantasy and spirituality.

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