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Demons of the Light

by Kimberly Sweet about a year ago in surreal poetry · updated 6 months ago
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A Perspective of Society

Artwork by Kimberly Sweet, "The Hand of Fate"

Demons of the Light

Deeper and deeper, down I slide

Into the darkness, where I can hide

Away from the light, where the demons dwell

Who steal your soul and walk you through Hell

For the lights of Hell are burning bright

And the only escape is into the night

Into the darkness, where the light can’t blind you

Into the shadows, where the demons can’t find you

I cry for the sun, for she doesn’t know

That with her light, she lets the demons go

Their faces are smiling with teeth so white

Their claws are sharp and grip so tight

So, I wait for the night to come along

And lull them to sleep with her sweet, gentle song

Then quickly, like a thief, I flee

Into the night, where my soul is free

Under the blanket of darkness, so warm

Covered by night and safe from harm

But with the dawn, I run in fear

For once again, the demons are near

surreal poetry

About the author

Kimberly Sweet

I'm a freelance writer and artist from Kentucky. I discovered Poe when I was very young and fell in love. The magic in words bewitched me, and I've been writing ever since.

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