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By Suntonu BhadraPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash

Altogether merged into the evolved circumstances

the ‘meet and greet’ dissolved, taking care of the challenges

onto the ‘new unnatural’ boundaries as evolved from the

unnatural acts of the selfish being of the world

spread around the globe as a fruit of our growing civilization-

Mother nature, you beauty

smiling at the background.

Our civilized notion, pertaining only to our sacred humanity

coming live, driving dead when required

transforming though

onto the changing thoughts of illusion,

or is it called a delusion

fused with the slightest fear in our mind


Altered reality strikes in

outside, into our vivid lifestyles

inside, we are still a species

with an urge to survive.

(Initially published in Medium)

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Suntonu Bhadra

Travel storyteller, photographer, history enthusiast, poetic scribbler ▪ Editor of Paper Poetry ▪ I have started writing on Vocal recently.

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