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Dearest Catherine:

Narrative Poem

Dearest Catherine:
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Dearest Catherine

I feel that smile, form

Don’t let the lights in my eyes dim...

Let my youthful face,

drain with wrinkles—

Visit every floor,

in lives glass elevator

Undoubtedly yes—

Fear not,

my inner beauty is incomparable...

Afraid of my personalities Catherine wheel-

realness, rawness, messiness

owning my Achilles heel-

I look in the mirror,

staring back, unfiltered,

the most natural beauty

within me...

As a society,

we assign beauty,

to the most abstract of nouns...


hiding under my shadow


free of contrarians,

allow my lips,

to speak, freely,

my heart, panders

bares witness-

I will,

love who I am,

I will find,

beauty within me.


fearless, fearsome, fearfuller...


one with self,

there is beauty authenticity...

Within every,

shape, form,

my body contends

In glass windows,

of my tarnished


living proof of life’s metaphors...

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Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

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