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Waiting for a Peaceful World.

"Hope in the Midst of Conflict"

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published 26 days ago 2 min read

Waiting for a Peaceful World.

_______By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

I sit and wait for peace to find its way,

Through narrow streets and over fields of green,

Beyond the battle cries of night and day,

To places where the scars of war are seen.

The world spins on, its cycle never ends,

From dawn to dusk, from birth to final breath,

We yearn for times when foes might become friends,

When hope could conquer hate and outpace death.

I dream of days when children play and laugh,

With no more fear of bombs that split the night,

When nations seek the honest, peaceful path,

And reason reigns instead of force and might.

The winds of change, they whisper in my ear,

A promise that the storm will soon abate,

But still, the echoes of the past I hear,

The distant thunder, cruel, full of hate.

I watch the news, the stories that unfold,

The endless struggle for a piece of peace,

The names of those whose stories go untold,

Whose voices fall when battles never cease.

I wait for signs that calm is drawing near,

That leaders rise to guide us through the storm,

For voices strong and hearts that hold no fear,

For souls who seek to heal, protect, and warm.

The world is vast, its corners far and wide,

Yet in our hearts, the hopes for peace are one,

We all desire to set our fears aside,

To find the place where hatred is undone.

On city streets and fields of foreign land,

In crowded squares and quiet country lanes,

The seeds of hope are sown by gentle hand,

By those who work to break the ancient chains.

I wait for moments when the earth is still,

When all the noise of conflict fades away,

For times when harmony can fill the hill,

And love can bring a bright and peaceful day.

The road is long, the journey full of pain,

But step by step, we march toward the light,

With faith that peace can come despite the strain,

That even darkest days can turn to bright.

So here I sit, and wait for what may come,

With heart and soul that yearns for love and care,

For world that's free from anger, greed, and numb,

For peaceful hearts, and voices raised in prayer.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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