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Dear Wife,

A small poem

By AeriousPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
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My love, my life,

The magical galaxy that shines in me

With you in my life Happy and relaxed

Laughing, Silent, Crying Angry and sad as With me in every moment My dear relative...

That I am in

My soul without my body Watching it live. In your smile....

When I see your face Just like a debtless man My heart is beating Do you know why?

You will give

Pure and real Love and love

Any day than you More than I can do

Could not give

In me anyway

Overflowing with your love I feel like being a debtless person

And that is it

The expression of this poem The one who gave meaning to my life Everything is you....

You are my world too...

My love, my life

The magical lightning that shines in me

My life is gone Until the feelings disappear

I want you with me

As my wife ❤️...

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I Lyk to wryt ,

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