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Dear Tatiana

Every time I wrap these straps around my face...

By The Rogue ScribePublished about a year ago 1 min read

Dear Tatiana:

You’re the secret that I hide behind these masks made of plastic.

You’re the key to my Pandora’s Box - the measures are now drastic.

You’re the reason I have not been able to regain composure;

The last image of your genesis was my one and only closure.

Though I barely have any more exposure to your mother, I still can’t bring myself to bring you back - through another.

You will never get to see that this world could be so bright. So in your honor, I will keep my alter ego black and white.

Both of you: products of love; fueled by the experience. Hoping that the crowd can see beyond what some find hideous.

I had a dream that you were here and we spent the whole day laughing.

You had your mother’s eyes; just as I imagined…

And your voice could have filled an entire room with passion…

So darling, don’t give away my secret. Though I had to let you go, I miss you dearly - I need to keep it.

And I’ll just think of you every time I wrap these straps around my face… And I’ll keep sending you these letters; hoping you’ll feel my embrace…

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The Rogue Scribe

Writer. Narrator. Author of 'The Art of Patience, Gratitude & Courage'.

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