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Dear Little Voices

A love letter

By Jenna CallowayPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Dear Little Voices
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Dear Little Voices,

I hear you through

The relentless tapping of my leg, the gasping constriction of my throat, the crack through the hollowness of my chest.

The rhythm of the words, the drumming of 'I'm not good enough...smart enough...talented enough...special...


I feel you through

The sudden loss of breath, the compulsion to detour, the endless cascade of images that hijack my brain.

The ghostly morphing faces of archaic opinions, the sideways glances of conforming friends, family wounds passed along as...


I love you through

The slowness of time and movement, the hairs lifting on my neck, the erasure of old perceptions

The illogic of preemptive disappointment, the encouragement of risk, the brightening and buoyancy of...



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Jenna Calloway

An insatiably curious and ordinary human who enjoys a good rabbit hole and writing.

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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydredabout a year ago

    An excellent challenge entry and this is what we do to ourselves sometimes. Those voices can be very hurtful.

  • Brannan K.about a year ago

    I see this as a sorrowful attestation to self doubt. Good job!

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