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"Daughter's Love: A Father's Ode"

"Journey of Endless Devotion"

By Edgardo Millan Published 3 months ago 1 min read
"Daughter's Love: A Father's Ode"
Photo by Limor Zellermayer on Unsplash

In the gentle sway of twilight's embrace,

A bond of love, a sacred space,

Where dreams are woven, tenderly spun,

In the heart of a father, for his precious one.

My daughter, a gem, a radiant light,

Guiding my path through the darkest night.

With eyes that shimmer like the morning dew,

She fills my world with colors anew.

In her laughter, I find a melody sweet,

A symphony of joy, a rhythm complete.

Her smile, a beacon, a sunlit shore,

Guiding me home, forevermore.

With each step she takes, she dances free,

A spirit untamed, wild and carefree.

Yet in her innocence, a wisdom lies,

A gentle reminder of love's endless ties.

Through every triumph, through every fall,

I'll be there to catch her, should she call.

For in her journey, I find my own,

A love unyielding, forever grown.

So here's to you, my darling daughter,

In your presence, I find my truest ardor.

For in loving you, I learn to soar,

Boundless love forevermore.

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