Daughter of the Sun

by A. R. Ambrosi about a year ago in inspirational

She glows.

Daughter of the Sun

She dances in the sunlight

Because she knows

How darkness unchecked

Can destroy a soul

She is solar-powered

The sun charges her

Its energy fills her aura

Powering her

Cleansing her

Invigorating her

She is a daughter of the sun

And the sun's rays

Are the warm embrace

Of a father

Apollo smiles on his daughter

And darkness flees

In his presence

When his light falls

On her flowing curls

In fullest force

The darkness falls beneath her feet

Fleeing from the light

In fear

And patiently Apollo

Teaches his daughter

That darkness is powerless

In the light

And that he is not

The only source of light

His warm rays stroke her hair


And he reminds her

That like every child of Apollo

The light is in her too

The sun sets

Apollo sleeps

And leaves his daughter

To the darkness

But she has no fear

She glows

How does it work?
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A. R. Ambrosi

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