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Danse Distraire

Dancing with Distraction

By Natasja RosePublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Danse Distraire
Photo by Rachel Martin on Unsplash

Distractions whirl, no two the same

Interest and novelty, knowledge and game.

Sensations overwhelm, and you need a break

Thoughts fragments surge, but never a full thought make.

Running through your imagination, unfocussed, wild,

A way to calm your mind, like soothing a child.

Calming distractions, a needed reprive

Thinking can wait, you need rest to thrive.

Innovation, invention, ingenuity alights

Other ideas form, the mind clear of distraction

No more brain clutter, until next it loses traction.

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About the Creator

Natasja Rose

I've been writing since I learned how, but those have been lost and will never see daylight (I hope).

I'm an Indie Author, with 30+ books published.

I live in Sydney, Australia

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  • Cathy holmes9 months ago

    Very nicely done.

  • Judey Kalchik 9 months ago

    Calming and a wonderful way to be centered to start the day

  • Ah, that driving need for rest (which might explain why I sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night--I just want it too much!). The bane of creativity, the need for just one more word, the right word, the only word. Go to bed, gosh darn it! (I never seem to listen to me.)

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