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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

We met by what we thought was chance

Many, many years ago

We made life

Then life in-between ordained that we fly away from together

But in between our lives intertwined, in conversations

Brief indeterminate visitations of yours

Whenever agony was your plight

And now

We can be in nature, planted in the same sphere

To stay

If desires are mutually aligned

Our bond which has transcended borders and physical boundaries

has kept us interconnected

This intangible link between our souls exists but cannot be simply

or easily explained

To transcend space and time and be aware of another's feelings

is divine

Soulmates, but somehow always apart

Like a love story waiting to be told

Far apart in young life, but rejoined in twilight

Life's ways are not always easily understood

Our brains are capable of so much more than we can imagine

Let's put our neurons to work and move forward with purpose

Living life more fully while there is living still envisioned

Unto heights to which our brain is fully capable

If we allow our higher self to reach it's full potential


Let's dance and entangle

And mingle and intertwine to the end

Hopes for hearts

love poems

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Novel Allen

Every new day is a blank slate. Write something new.

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