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Crying Poetry


By James Michael CahiligPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Crying Poetry
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Certainly! Here's a heartfelt poem about crying:

Tears Like Rain

In the depths of my despair, When life's burdens become too heavy to bear, I find solace in tears, my silent plea, As they cascade down like rain, setting me free.

Each droplet holds a story untold, A symphony of emotions, a tale unfold, From the depths of sorrow to the heights of pain, In the language of tears, my heart's refrain.

When sadness overwhelms my weary soul, And the weight of the world takes its toll, I retreat to the sanctuary of my tears, Where vulnerability knows no fears.

For in the realm of tears, I find release, A cleansing balm that brings me peace, Through the gentle rhythm of each drop's fall, I surrender to the moment, relinquishing all.

With each sob, I unburden my weary heart, A catharsis in tears, a brand new start, For in the midst of pain, I discover my strength, Embracing the vulnerability within, at length.

So let the tears flow, like a river wild, Cleansing my spirit, like a lost child, For they carry the weight of my deepest woe, And in their release, my spirit does grow.

In tears, I find a language unspoken, A connection to the heart, unbroken, And as the tears dry, I find my way, Renewed and resilient, come what may.

So let me weep, let the tears fall, For in their passage, I stand tall, Embracing the beauty in sorrow's art, Finding solace in tears, healing my heart.

Remember, crying can be a powerful and cathartic expression of emotions. It's okay to let your tears flow and find solace in their release

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