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Motivation's Poetic


By James Michael CahiligPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Motivation's Poetic
Photo by goxy bgd on Unsplash

In the realm of poetic expression, Where emotions find manifestation, Resides a force that drives creation, Motivation, the poet's inspiration.

From the depths of the soul it arises, A spark that within the heart surprises, Igniting the fire, fueling desires, Guiding the pen with poetic fires.

Motivation, a beacon of light, In the darkest hours, shining bright, It whispers courage, it stirs the soul, Encouraging the poet to reach their goal.

Through its power, words find flight, In verses that dance, in rhythms that ignite, It weaves dreams into lines of beauty, Inspiring hearts with a sense of duty.

Motivation, the muse of the bard, Pushes through barriers, breaking the guard, It conquers doubt, banishes fear, Unleashing creativity, crystal clear.

With every word, every line, every rhyme, Motivation orchestrates a sublime, Symphony of thoughts, cascading and pure, Breathing life into words that endure.

So, let motivation be your guiding star, Embrace its essence, wherever you are, For within its grasp, wonders unfold, And the poet's spirit shall forever be bold.


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