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By James Michael CahiligPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

In the realm of dreams, where poets roam, A tapestry of words finds its home. Inspiration's gentle touch does weave, A verse, a song, a soul to retrieve.

Through whispered winds and midnight's embrace, Imagination dances with grace. Unseen muses, ethereal and bright, Unleash their magic in the still of night.

Like stars that shimmer in the vast expanse, Each syllable a universe, a chance To paint emotions on the canvas bare, And transport hearts to lands beyond compare.

In rhythmic cadence, lines begin to flow, A symphony of thoughts, a poet's show. Words intertwine, their meanings intertwine, And beauty, like a river, starts to shine.

With metaphors, a river dances free, As stanzas ripple, seeking melody. Emotions dance upon the poet's pen, Creating worlds untamed, again and again.

From love's sweet ardor to sorrow's embrace, The poet's ink captures every trace. With every word, a story comes alive, A glimpse of truth that poets strive to dive.

Through verses crafted with a tender hand, The poet seeks to help us understand The deepest reaches of the human soul, To mend the broken, make the wounded whole.

So let us cherish these inspired gems, The poems that connect us, like diadems. For in their lines, a piece of us we find, A testament to the beauty of mankind


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